Higher Sound

The Higher Sound is a diverse team of experienced and creative DJs, Selectors, and Event Curators.   Our passion is music, and we provide the best music for your event!


We are a group of DJs from the Denver (and Boulder), Colorado area.  Most of us are not originally from Colorado, but we now call this amazing place our home.  Everyone on our team came together through spinning and playing parties, and we've all been DJ'ing along the Front Range of Colorado for over a decade.   The company was birthed after we started noticing that our friends had a tough time finding great DJs for their weddings.  After talking amongst ourselves and relaying our experiences to each other, tthe light bulb went off.   We realized we had an opportunity to provide a service.  We seized that opportunity, and The Higher Sound was born. 


Our is mission is to provide exceptional music for your party.  We are not traditional.  The traditional DJ is kinda boring.  We do not play the same music for every show; instead, we are constantly updating our sounds.  We are not chatty MCs who tell jokes.  We do not haul in obnoxious lighting rigs.  We do have accent lighting that we can set up…   or not.  We can play the cheesy standards if you like.  But it's not our specialty.  That being said, we are humble servants whose mission it is to take your event to the next level, we are not ego-driven; we'll play anything.  It's your party, after all.  Take a look around our website to find out more about us. 



The Higher Sound is the creation of Denver DJ Derek Russo. Derek originally started out with a pair of Technics 1200 turntabes in his hometown, just outside of Washington, DC in 2002, but it was a move to Boulder in 2005 that led him to develop his eclectic-yet-always-funky style.  The Denver/Boulder DJ community welcomed him with open arms.  Parties were thrown, records were swapped, skills were developed, and friendships cemented…


In addition to running the Higher Sound and focusing on high-end DJ events, I focus on DJ'ing other events and shows, and also writing and producing original music and compositions in my home studio.  And of course, I still scour the far ends of the internet and record stores near and wide for new and inspiring sounds to share with the world.  Cultivating a love for many different genres including funk & soul, disco, downtempo, house music, reggae, jazz, bluegrass and more, I'm proud of my versatility and skills that keep the music eclectic, while keeping the dancefloor engaged.  I have been fortunate enough to share the stage with such musical forces as Pretty Lights, The Motet, The Greyboy Allstars, Soulive, Quantic, Frederico Aubele, DJ Garth, and more.  I've played almost every club, bar, rock venue, wedding venue, and art gallery in Denver and Boulder, and countless venues throughout Colorado.  I've even gotten to hop on plane to DJ a few weddings.  


In an effort to grow and spread our vision after 6 years of working solo, I needed to bring on other like minded, top quality DJs into the Higher Sound fold.  I'm super excited to have Matt Kapinus (aka Mr. Gettdowne) and Brandon Brown join the team.  They each bring their unique style to the table, and are total pro's.  Although we DJ many different types of events, the Higher Sound's focus is mainly on weddings.  We all have our own independent style, but we share a common goal.   And that goal is to help our clients create an epic party/wedding/celebration using our skills that we've developed over the years.   We take our clients' musical ideas and visions and create a musical event that is unique to each and every human we work with.  Although we're not above any type of music, we shy away from the boring agony of songs like "The Chicken Dance" or "Macarena."   We like to think that most of our clients agree with us.  We are all music junkies and collectors who have a deep passion for what we do.  Your wedding day is a HUGE one, and we want to create a perfect musical soundtrack for your friends and family to celebrate to.  


Higher Sound                                                                                 E: derek@thehighersound.com              

2207 Hooker St, Denver, CO 80211                                                    P: (303)503-3598